I asked my friend Kim, who I speak to about Danzig and nothing else, which word she thought Glenn used more throughout his lyrical career: "Wolf" or "Hell". Her answer was Hell. Out of sheer curiosity and nerdery, I compiled a word document of every lyric Danzig ever released (no, I didn't put "Rat Fink" and no I didn't put any songs twice if they were recorded twice) and did a word count. Well, she was right. Here's a few results.

Hell: 165
Evil: 127
Blood: 120
Die: 109
Death: 101
Black: 96
Dead: 66
Pain: 66
Demon: 48
Mother: 32
Wolf: 25
Beast: 25
Horror: 22
Father: 13
Mars: 13
Dying: 12
Sex: 12
Cum: 7
Sexy: 0
Puppies: 0
Pizza: 0

He also used "World" a stunning 145 times, but that's not that cool. If there's any words you'd like me to do a count for, comment them and I will reply.


stillillmatic said...


BENBASS said...

I would've expected wolf to be higher than that.

charlotte elizabeth said...

1. this post is hilarious
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyPPlQee6I4

it cuts off pretty fast but apparently its one of the songs in rock band.

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