Oh no, I didn't post for a month! Stop whining, it's only the internet. I moved out two months ago, and have been able to keep myself distracted by working 9-6, working a second job a few days a week, doing artwork, band practice, putting on shows, and the usual. In between the gaps I've just been trying to deal with life. Unprocessed thoughts should never find their way onto the internet (except n00dz onto the b9), hence my blog has been suffering. I do have a bunch of ideas in the back of my mind, but until I find time to write them down, here's a recap of my month: worked too much, saw a bunch of bands, was in a bar fight, got called a nazi, saw two female neighbors showering, didn't touch my guitar, went on a road trip, stopped taking pictures, didn't get any sleep, and I'll stop before this reads like a livejournal entry. Stuff you might actually be interested in: Adult Crash is about to record a live radio set consisting of 4 new songs. Omegas recordings are locked up in Jonahs house while he's in the EU all summer. I might update spoilerart.com soon (but probably not). America's Youth now feature Matt "The Husk" LaForge on bass, and are also on hiatus. Bogus Abuse might practice soon. PTL5 is not happening this decade, probably not next either. Wire 'ex lion tamer' is the best song ever. That's all I got, man. Here's a little taste of what the next few posts will focus on:

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