I was told about muxtapes by Misty 'Martin' Cuddly last week and decided to get in on this trend quick. It's a pretty fun idea. I made one at work, so it's mostly chill jams I keep at the office since my boss Pierre doesn't like "heavy metal". Now, usually I would slap someone in the face for claiming they dislike heavy metal, but Pierre is the man. I would however like to slap the dude that invented m4a, because he is the reason this playlist does not have Wire "ex lion tamer" nor Outburst "no choice" on it. But still, it's good. Listen to it and get in a good mood.

Spoiler's Muxtape

I am thinking of making a new mux every week, but I'm not making any promises. Just in case, I put a link to keep checking in this here new Lurkage list on your right. I decided it's kinda cool to go around from blog to blog and see what's up, even though it made me realise everyone has a blog, and most of them suck, and I think less of some of you, and your blog is just your new livejournal, and no one cool had a livejournal, ever. If your blog isn't linked, it either means I think it sucks, or I just haven't read it yet. Which do you think it is?


Erik said...

So much hate...

misty said...

rather then a new tape every week, just change the tracks on your one tape whenever you feel like it... keep em guessing!

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