Yesterday while waiting for the bus, Brendan (Omegas roadie) and Troy (Douchebag) were talking about tv shows, mainly Flight of the Conchords (pretty good). In the process they mentioned the writer's strike, and I said "what's this about a strike?". They looked at me like I just murdered a baby. "Have you never heard of the writer's strike in Hollywood?". Nope. So apparently this has been going on for months. No scripts have been written since. I had no idea. Troy explained it to me, while being amused at how oblivious I am to current events. Well, for a guy who's got 'out of step' (with the world) tattooed on his head, he should understand the way I live.

When I got home from practice, Friday asked me who I thought was going to win the elections. Now, I knew that this referred to the american presidency, because I knew it was about time Bush got booted. Then Friday told me apparently the next president is going to either be a woman or a black man. And seriously, as I am typing this, I am still wondering if she was pulling a fast one on me. Even I am shocked at just how oblivious I am. I had never heard of such a thing. Last time I checked, a female or black president was something only mentioned in a sentence that ends with 'will never happen'. Seriously, what happened while I was busy analyzing Vinnie Stigma's guitarplaying (more on that later)? Did the world suddenly become awesome? Well, I don't know anything about either candidate's agenda, but I am stoked. It's kind of sad that the entire world is following another nations' presidency so closely, mostly because they want to know who is going to bomb their children next. Well, no matter who wins, it will finally blow a hole in the thought that only white males are idiots. But then again, if you're going to follow up Bush you could get caught smoking crack off a dead hooker's tits and still look respectable.

The point of my post, I guess, is to say that I really do not follow the news, or current events, or anything that does not immediately affect me. Sure that is ignorant, but so is the Breakdown demo. Sometimes ignorance is genius.

My thing with the news is, too many times have I read a story or seen a report on something I was involved in, and every time it was nothing but beefed up nonsense and lies. Sure, there's a difference between sensational newspapers and real journalism. But then I remember flipping channels between CNN and unbiased european newschannels during 9/11. Pretty mindboggling. It's all the same to me. I don't trust it. I just finished re-reading 1984, so I might be a little paranoid, but the 6 'o clock news smells like propaganda and mind control to me. It always has. What are they saying, what are they not saying? And how will I ever know the difference? I'd rather not follow, and if it is important enough, it will get to me eventually. Sure that's a theory with a lot of gaps, but that's how theories work, isn't it? I don't tend to live my life based on hardcore lyrics, but Antidote said it pretty well: "Don't you listen to the news, by the time it gets to you, who knows where it might have been (MOSH PART)".

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