A few days after my "Oblivion" post I realised that besides being oblivious, I often have the memory of an aging pothead. I totally knew about that writer's strike. I knew because of Conan O' Briens' beard. I guess it faded from my memory as quickly as it entered. Perhaps because I don't care, or because at the time I had other things to worry about (i.e. how underrated the first Boys LP is), or because my interests shift back and forth from time to time. But I do that stuff all the time, and it weirds me out.

Anyways, I've been home sick for two days, and with murphy's law by my side, my free satellite went out on the same day I woke up sick. This resulted in me watching CBC all day long. I followed American Idol, watched Scrubs, and I even watched the local news with Friday. A few minutes in, I noticed the announcer stating that someone 'punched a teacher in the face'. Isn't an announcer supposed to say something like 'a teacher was assaulted'? I'm telling you, the news is slowly morphing into a bad action movie. Which is good. So apparently some dude punched a montreal gym teacher in the face for giving his kid a bad grade. 'What's he teaching his kid like that?' Friday said. 'To be more awesome' I replied. Apparently the coach suffered a broken nose and a concussion. Solid punch, man.

Anyway, I've been documenting my sick days, a photo essay will be posted soon. Until then, to make up for this bland post here is something I did the other day while extremely tired. As you may know, exhaustion is the edgemans' alcohol, so this is basically me drawing drunk. I usually draw in pencil and trace the best shapes in pen. For this one I did the whole thing in pen so that I couldn't erase anything. I was truly... Not Afraid.

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