I'm working on some cool shit for this blog, but until the time is ready here is some aimless jabbering.

Looking back, I think 2007 was mostly eventful on the internet. We had Youtube, YSI, and public Facebook all new in 2007. Makes a man wonder what people did on the nerd before. On the other hand, Oink (RIP) saw it's demise last year, and Myspace was also effectively ruined (if you guys are reading this, I still want to work for you). We've had Wikipedia since 2001, but I can't remember it being too useful until about 2-3 years ago.

I can't imagine what life would be like without free music, wikipedia, facebook, and late night youtube sessions. Considering I had never even owned a computer up until two years ago, technology has been advancing especially fast for me. It has seriously affected my life and my modes of thinking. For instance, I used to be a little hopped up on knowing all kinds of stupid shit, and surrounding myself with other nerds who knew about this stupid shit. I liked to listen to the Altercation demo (you had to beg to get a bad quality dub off a nerd friend) as I looked up press info on the Left LP (obscure punk) in my Flex book (hard to get a hold of), while my VHS of the Married With Children episode with Antrax (classic) was playing in the background. I thought I was a pretty cool guy. Now, ofcourse, any jackass can find all of the above in three minutes, so any and all concepts of cool went straight out the window.

It changed a number of things in my life. For one, I could stop acting like such an obsessive dweeb. Though I still like to nerd out and reference the Iron Youth demo from time to time, I have calmed down and started listening to some of the music I was neglecting that whole time (Dinosaur Jr is good). Also, I started taking people for what they were, instead of judging them on wether or not they'd seen the YOT video in Aalst where Porcell feet firsts onto a guy for throwing a beer at him.

And finally, sure I could complain about the widespread availability of, well, everything, and nothing having any value anymore. Personally, I like to think that just because it's out there, not everyone will look. Some people just don't obsess about getting their hands on the Breakdown WNYU sets that much. The ones that do, can get it alot easier, have it mean a little less to them, but take it in just the same. The difference is while I spent a good chunk of my youth obsessing over shit from the past and then trying to recreate it, to finally realise I should be creating something of my own, well these kids can get the obsession part out of the way quicker and make something new out of these widely available things. And because they're taking in alot more, in a much wider variety, I'd like to think they might actually come up with some new, fresh shit. Hopefully I haven't gotten to the point where I hate it because it doesn't sound like the Altercation demo.

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