I believe this is my 5th attempt at a blog. Over the last two years, I have tried doing blogs with different themes and 'angles', but it didn't work out. Fuck it. This blog is going to be about everything and nothing. It will be the Seinfeld of blogs, if you will. It will be filled with nonsense, inside jokes, opinions, updates on my thousands of projects, photos, and whatever else I feel like. It will not, I repeat NOT have any photos of any new jeans or designer socks that I think you should check out.

Here is a list of reasons why this blog will not be updated daily:

-OMEGAS recording in January.
-ADULT CRASH demo out soon/ writing new songs.
-BLACK DOT stage of quarrel built, floors not yet stained due to weather.
-SIZEEMUP always on top (even when bands don't have their shit together).
-AMERICA'S YOUTH on songwriting hiatus.
-SPEAK OUT filling in on bass.
-NAMELESS GARAGE PUNK BAND in which I'm the only non-chainsmoker.
-SPOILERART.COM has never been updated, but I still do art almost daily.
-might start another band with Dan, third time is the charm?
-BLACK DOTS are now called the STIGMAS and will start practicing again in 2008.
-finally got a job, more video game testing, sweet.
-I'm not as lazy as people say I am (see above) but still kind of lazy.

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