On the weekend of April 26-27 the Omegas went to Toronto to record with J "No Pose Dogg" Fury. First things first: you can find a brand new song and a novelty cover on our Myspace for your slam skanking purposes. A full photo report of the weekend is below.

Rolled up in Bryan's car. Brought a Nintendo.

Tony brought the jams.

"Fascinating"... Tony nails his takes after puking in a trash can all day.

Harley watches over my playing.

Gossip Skins

Gettin' close with Mosher: rushed to the show, played, and rushed back to the studio.

Calling it a day, impersonating Matt Warnke.

Crashed a party.

Did a little slam skankin'

Did some dives.

Professional Moshing.

We were a real hit.

Brutal Knights cameo!

"We're bailin' this sausage fest, man"

"But not before I slam a skank in this here garage"



"Guys, guys. Come on, guys"

Sure, we got room for one more. On the way back to the Mosher Mansion.

"How much further, Mike?" "Oh, I'd say, roughly, about five minutes"

The Power and the Morning Glory

"Get your beat meat!"

Sleep okay, Dan?

"Tony, Tony, Oh-oh, he's the Veggio"

"That's a wrap, guys"

Unfortunately, Tony didn't survive the ride back home. RIP Tony.


In case you're wondering "who the fuck is that guy?", the Omegas crew is: Ryan Hogan on vocals, he used to sing in local thrash retards Jaws of Life, who can be heard in this in this not-safe-for-work Brazzers trailer. Prior to his band days, we was a cult actor, most famous for portraying Brotha Trufioli in the classic short film The Trufioli Family. On guitar we have Tony Frenchman, Montreal's true posman. He sings in Get Busy (formerly Get By), invented the Flakestruction concept, and is king of roadtrip one-liners. On bass is I, Spoiler. And on the skins we have Dan Scheme, master nyhc storyteller. He spent time in The Bad Form and The Nihilistics, put out the Breakdown – hangin’ at WRSU 7", runs Mad at the World and has a whole bunch of other cool shit on his list. Our Number One Road Dog is Bryan, known for his gentlemanly conduct on the road, and completely disgusting conduct off the road. Bryan listens to Macho Man Randy Savage's rap album exclusively. Our Foreign Affairs Assistant is Mike the Mosher, known for his moshing. Also featured in this expose are Mosher's lady friend (who calls him Mosher), recording guru J. Fury (real name: G Beat) and The Beav (Urban Blight, Dangerloves, best mosher at Mad Men).

Now that recording is out of the way, we are focusing on putting out a record, playing more shows, getting more sponsorship deals, making a music video better than the Jaws of Life one, having Hogan's brother include us in one of his (NWS) scripts, and slam skanking.

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